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QMy coat sheds in patches and I get scabs. My names is Pepper I am registered CHOW CHOW who lives in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Last July I was a proud mother of 3 males and 3 females. And this May I am thinking of having more children if my master is permitting. Not only do I love being a mother I love the joy it brings to my master…JIM. He is the greatest. He gives me whatever I need, but mostly important, he gives me love. Jim says he feels like, “MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB and WHERE EVER MARY WENT HIS LAMB WAS SURE TO GO” I am always by his side and that’s because I love him. He has given me toys, and a nice winter jacket to keep me warm and dry from the freezing snow. When we take walks I don’t need a jacket because my coat keeps me warm, however, it is nice to keep the wet snow off of my furry coat.

But, I have a CHOW problem…I have been having episodes of shedding. My master has spent many of his hard earned dollars at the vets. They do not know my problem. One vet put me on a shot two times a week…for staphareaus. This made me sick and my condition worse…I was on it for 3 months and lost my entire coat. Finally, my master wised up and took me off of that terrible stuff.

My coat sheds in patches and I get scabs and itch mostly around my front legs. I use to look like a bald human Huh Ha. I notice when my hair comes out…it is dead and dry and white dusty powdery at the base. It comes out in hand fulls. Jim now gives me a shot of LIQUAMYCIN LA-200 (oxytetracycline injection) when this itching first starts. In two to three days the scabs go away and I begin to feel better. My hair is beginning to come in but it seems, as though I am not completely over this. I notice I feel better after he brushes me and gives me a bath. Some people told Jim not to bath me more than every 2 months. But he gives me a bath about every 3 weeks. This worries him. He thinks I should have a bath more often as humans do and more so, when I have this infection. Do you think he is right?

My master thinks it is allergies, and the infection is due to scratching. Even though I hate having my toenail trimmed, he keeps them neat and tidy.

I am wondering if any of you other chows have had this problem. Does anyone have any ideas to help my master out?
Pepper and JIM

AHello Pepper and JIM,
What you have is called “Mange”. It is a form of microscopic mites that kill the coat and top of the skin. You can cure this by getting a mange “dip” from your local veterinarian or pet supply store. Once you have this medicine give Pepper a bath and dry her off. Then with the appropriate mix (usually 3mm. to a gallon, very strong do not add any more!) get a clean spray bottle and a bucket. Make the mix in the bucket and fill a spray bottle with the mix and a teaspoon of good conditioner, mix. (Preferably organic). Now spray Pepper thoroughly, covering all of her body protecting the eyes and mouth. Use at least 70% of mix with spray and then pour the rest around the body and let her drip dry. Do not towel her. The conditioner will help sooth her skin and keep it moist. Repeat this every 10 days until she is completely recovered. Usually about 3-4 times. I have done this to 5 dogs so far and it has worked just fine. The chances of it happening again will be slim after it is cured. If you are still having problems, please feel free to contact me.

QI received your message and looked it over carefully. I went and bought some ZODIAC Pro Dip II. It says it controls fleas, ticks, Sarcoptic mange. I followed the mixing instructions. Told Pepper bath time and she jumps into the bath. Gave her a shampoo with Mane n Tail, rinse and towel dried her. I used a spray bottle filling with the dip mixture and one teaspoon of the Mane n tail conditioner. I like this stuff Mane n Tail seems to work well. Doesn’t leave a residue and I feel as though I can get it rinse well. I sprayed her body…used a washcloth putting some dip on it and carefully washed around her face. I even did her ears. Then I took the remaining dip and drenched her down. Got her soaking wet with it. Now she wants out of the tub…. Put towels down on the floor and let her dry by herself in the bathroom. Then in 10 days, I will do it again and again.

What dip do you usually buy? This is the only dip I saw on the store shelf marked for mange. Have in it…N-Mercapto-methyl, phthalimide S and other stuff. I hope it is a good brand. I hope this works…. I have a feeling it will and I will keep you informed. I would have sent Pepper’s picture however, I can’t convert the KONICA picture over to gif format…in order to send.

THANKS!!!!! Our Chows do deserve all the love and attention and I am willing to give this all I got…. JIM & his dog…Pepper

AI am not sure on the exact name of the medicine, for I have not used it for about 8-9 months. It sounds like you got the right stuff. I will find out if I can and send it to you. Regarding the gif. you can get a jpeg from you photo cd and mail that. or if you have an image editor you can convert it there. I would love to see a photo. Let me know how things are going and if you are seeing any progress in the skin 2-3 days after the second wash.

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  1. jho on August 26, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    I do also have my 2 chows who’s having problem with their skins, keep on itching, have red spot although the vet had took them shots of vaccine. Now the vet recommend us for them to take the amytraz after taking a bath. is this type of disease usual with chows? kindly help me if you know best med to give to my chow. thanks or you can email me at

  2. A 54 yr old Grandma on June 4, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    Hope this goes through. Just as a 2nd diagnosis here and I do not know the age of your Chows but they do have a bit of a nerve problem as most know. Usually at a young age its like seperation anxiety, LOL. As they age, about 10 I think our chow started or before then but we didnt really notice until it got obvious with the hair loss.
    Amira as she started to get arthritis in her front leg joints chews and licks them softly all the time. So over the last 4 years as the arthritis gets worse she has two bare strips from her toesies to as far up as her 2nd big joint, or as far as she can reach. She is actually massaging them and it rubs off the hair over time of course. We used EVERYTHING to get her to stop, over the counter to vet perscribed to Asian medicine that is so new now and GREAT for alot of things, even cysts on your pets that will not go away! But, back to the hairlessness front legs. We have pain pills for her and when we give them to her she will not even touch her legs and her spirits are much better, but, the side effect is damage to her kidneys so even though it gives her so much relief I hesitate to give it to her. My husband however will give it to her everyday. I am stuck on that one as I hate to see her in pain, but she also is too smart for me and I cannot get it down HER!
    Anyway, so if you see your chow start to massage her front legs up the front from toes to as far as she or he can reach they might actually be massaging their joints 🙂 Our vets all agree that they have primarily seen chows do this. I would have never known until they told me and I watched her real carefully. Then it was obvious, as she was not trying to itch it frantically.
    Now however, I am on the internet look up mange. Not sure if that is what is going on or not, or more old age, or ……..but she is loosing a clump of hair off her forehead, just pulls out like when they are shedding, no redness, and then I noticed the same thing on her ears. Again no redness, just the clumps falling out and I easily just pluck them off. So it kind of looks like shedding with new hairs (maybe) growing in underneath? Not sure I see alot of dry white skin flakes, just the normal we usually see on her? HATE to start putting these chemical baths on her if its not mange. Forehead is like a circle, a quarter, and as I pluck the hair, even if it doesnt appear to be loosing, it just comes right how. I guess as I type this I should just call the vet……I worry about her so much…….just devastates me when something is wrong.

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