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QHi! My wife and I just adopted a Chow Chow. We are thrilled with our new friend. We were wondering if you knew of a magazine we could subscribe to which deals with chows? If you can help us, please send your comments/information to the following screen name. Thanks!

ABelow is a list of Chow Chow literature, you can find some magazines, books and videos that you might be interested in. Good luck with your new Chow Chow!


(Another inquiry on a related topic)

QHello, we are great fans of the chows. We have had one for about eight years. Last summer we lost him. Though he put us to some trouble we loved him greatly. Today I know that we have made a lot of mistakes in his training. There was a lack of knowledge about this breed. And we can’t get more information in our country (Lithuania). As we are going to receive another chow very soon we need information urgently. We want our new chow to become friend with the whole family not only with one person. Especially we are interested in the Socialization. We have read The Rules for the Socialization of the Chow Chow written by Dr. Samuel Draper and Joan McDonald Brearley at Northern California Chow Chow Adoption home page. And we want to read the whole book “The book of the Chow Chow”. Where can we get or order it? Maybe we can order this or other books by e-mail. Also may be you have more information about training, care, … which can reach us by e-mail?

AHello, I am glad to hear that you want to bring up your next Chow Chow to be very socialized. I do not have much other information, but you can find a few books on Chow Chows at, go into their catalog and search in the keyword for “Chow Chow” and you will get a hand full of books that you can order. Also here is a list of books, magazines, and videos. Be sure to check the shop section for the latest books and products on Chow Chows.


The Chow Chow Annual (Hardcover)
Hofflin Publishing Ltd
4401 Zephry Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-3299
(303) 934-5656 or (800) 352-5678
For orders only $40.00, add $5 outside USA Newsletters

Smooth News
The Society for the Preservation of the Smooth Chow Chow (SPSCC)
Editor: Douglas Johnston
22833 Bothell Evt. Hwy. Suite 1189
Bothell, WA 98021-9315
(206) 485-3322 FAX (206) 485-9282
$10 for 4 quarterly issues, add $5 outside USA

Chow Chow Club Publications
Chow Life The official publication of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. Carol Patterson, Editor
P.O. Box 1070 Chester
CA 96020 (916) 596-4309
$30.00 year, $50.00 outside USA

Handbook for the Chow Fancier Bonnie Young
Chow Chow Club Inc. Recording Secretary
2375 North Ola Road
McDonough, GA 30253
(404) 957-1618 $25.00
Add $10 outside USA

Yearly Chow Chow Club Inc.
Statistician’s Reports (1980-1994) $10.00 each. ,(1980-1993)$25.00.
Bill Atkinson CCC Inc. Statistician
121 Mountain Drive Sound
Windsor, CT 06074 203-644-0668


How To Raise A Happy
Healthy Chow Deep Cove Productions
6282 Kathleen Avenue, Suite 502
Burnaby, BC V5H 4J4
Tel (604) 431-2917; Fax (604) 431-2918
$39.95 + $5 shipping & handling Local taxes apply for Canadian and BC customers

For more information and help be sure to check the Training Discussion forums where you can seek input from the community.


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