Breaking Bad Habits

QHello, I’ve been looking over your info regarding Chows and the type of dogs they are. I have the opportunity to adopt a one-year-old stray Chow who will soon be put to sleep. I see that socialization is greatly stressed from day one with your Chow. The particular one that I am speaking about definitely has a mind of her own. Do you think I can properly bring this dog up considering her background? Can I “undo” her lack of proper socialization while she was a stray?

AYou can break her of the habits, however, it will take longer, a good amount of patience, and a lot of love. Some of the habits might be hard to break, she might continue doing them, but with continued correction and attention, they should decrease over time. You can also teach her new habits that are good, this will help give her new focus that helps forget the bad habits.

One thing I can’t stress on more is that the dog will need love more than anything. Consistency in training and care are critical as she will learn that she is being taken care of and loved, this will allow her to strengthen her bond with you, and in turn become a better dog.

Taking the time and effort to retrain your Chow Chow of their bad habits can be a challenging task but very rewarding as they improve and become better dogs. For more information and help be sure to check the Training Discussion forums where you can seek input from the community.


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  1. KMF on December 14, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    Good response, I like the fact that you didn’t just “paint a rosy picture” but provided the individual that asked the question with the complete picture”, so that he or she knows the level of commitment and patience that will be required to get the desired results.

    • Jimmy Gornall on December 27, 2021 at 10:43 am

      I have a 5 month old chow,I keep reading different stuff about how much to feed her, she is on puppy food ,what advice could anyone give about the amount I should be giving her daily, I currently give her about 450 grams a day ,over 3 meals, is this sufficient?

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