What Can I Do To Stop Itching?

QMy name is Katie Bear. I am 1 1/2 year old female chow, and I love to play. I live with my mom and dad in a one-bedroom apartment. I have lived here ever since I was 4 weeks old.

I run around the house, jump up and down on the couch and the bed. When my mom and dad go to work I sit outside on the balcony and watch cars and people go by. I get to go out twice a day for a walk, and sometimes I meet my friend, Huey. He is a huge collie whose big tail always gets in my way.

Anyway, I have one big problem. I itch my legs a lot, now my hands, and my inner thighs go bald. My both knees have bald spots, because I constantly itch and bite them. My dad gives me bath using flea shampoo and dip a couple times a month. It helps me a little, but only for a day or so. We went to see doctors a couple times, and they have given me shots and medicines. All those help only temporarily. My dad even got some spray and sprayed me whenever I itched. It only get my pretty red coat wet! Now my toes are getting bald, too. My dad screams when he sees me biting my toes. What can I do to stop this itching??
Please help!!!

AIt sounds like you have bad hot spots. If it’s hot spots then all you can do is sooth it and keep it clean and flea free. This is very normal for some Chow Chows. Start out with putting baby powder all around the sore areas. This will help sooth the itching. Have you bombed your house for flees and mites? Dipping and flea washing is great, but if the home and outdoors are infested it does no good. You should bomb the house and dip her at the same time while the bomb is running. If you have a yard or larger property you can call pest control and let them know your problem and they can do a flea spray around the property outside.

Another possibility is that all of the soap from bathing is not being thoroughly rinsed. As soap dries on the skin under the fur it becomes extremely irritable, and you will see lots of itching. Make sure you are thoroughly rinsing when bathing your Chow Chow. Don’t confuse this with the dip, most dips should be left to dry off naturally with out a towel. Follow the dip directions. Have you switched shampoos? This might be a possibility, maybe she is allergic to some ingredients.

AI wish to reply to the problem of itching and scratching off of hair in chows. My daughter has an eight-year-old spayed female. For the past couple of years she has scratched all the hair off around her tail and hindquarters. Our vet first suggested a flea allergy. We tried treating everything–dog, car, house, dog bed, etc. She smelled bad and her skin was red and scaly. Her fur felt rough. Nothing much seemed to help. She began to have trouble with her joints as well. The vet gave her a medication consisting of natural vitamins, etc. and put her on a diet of rice and lamb dry food. No beef products, not even chew bones. All of her hair has regrown and she runs around like a puppy now! Perhaps this would help some of the other chows. The medication I mentioned is named Glyco-flex manufactured by Vetri-Science. Sensible Choice manufactures the lamb and rice dog food.

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  1. JeanetteJeanette10-24-2012

    I too had so many issues with itching, hot spots and constant chewing on nails for 12 years. My pack dog leader died of cancer who was a chow chow, a very sad day but a time of discovery. This was my second Chow Chow dog lost to cancer so I decide to research cancer in dogs and how do they get it. I discovered that the very best food (not the cheap stuff at $100 a month) I was buying was killing my pet family. After much research I discovered making my pets food was the best way of getting all the corn, additives and chemicals that were making them sick out of their bodies which shows up as skin issues and cancer. I started 3 months ago cooking for them, which if your interested I will share the recipes I use, I no longer have any skin issues, no hot spots, no itching, no chewing or ear infections and I dont use any meds or chemicals. I was spend at least $2,000 a year in vet bills not to mention the cost of meds. Now I spend about $60 a month and I cook once a week for my two special family members. My Sky, black chow chow has a shiny coat, walks 3 miles a day, plays and smiles allot especially when its breakfast and dinner time and she is 12 years old, I have no issues with hot spots, itching, hair lose, ear infections or allergies. I would be more than happy to share my feeding schedule and diet with you if your interested which requires a little work but it will pay off in the end with a happy health pet and low vet bills.

    • RayeRaye11-25-2012

      Will you please share your recipe. Our chow chow seems to have one hot spot after another even after feeding him the top “natural” bagged foods.. HELP

      • Jeanette SolisJeanette Solis11-25-2012

        Sure, I cook twice a week for my two chow chows, its very easy. The equation is one sweet potato, two carrots, 1/2 cup of peas and one chicken breast a day. (one of my dogs has a protein issue and I restrict her amount of chicken. I boil slowly about 3 chicken breast with bones but remove them, because its cheaper I don’t know where you leave but in Texas we have HEB and they sell for $1 a pound. I also slowly boil with skins, three sweet potato’s large, 6 carrots till tender, I add after cooked 1 1/2 cup of peas frozen. I blend all the veggies in a food processor till all blended. I add half of the chopped cooked chicken breast to the veggies and serve cold or warm they like both. I also include a vitamin supplement and a Glucosamine tablet. Since I have followed this recipe after about three weeks I had no more issues with hot spots, infections, ear problems or itching. I have reduced my vet visit to twice a year and thats for regular exams. After awhile of following the recipe you can start introducing things like apples and blue berries. Let me know if you need anymore help. jeanettesolis@sbcglobal.net
        Kindest Regards,

        • dondon10-31-2013

          what do you mean only twice a week? you keep the cooked food refregerated? thanka

        • Thank U 4 all of this information, my black chow Buddy needs help. He is just very much in need of his relief from his itching. We send too much money at the vet. This dog addopped us we also have ablack Dobbie she gets along great with buddy.

        • arlene hayesarlene hayes03-17-2015

          Thank you for sharing.. but wondering might there be substitutes for sweet potato, carrots and peas? I dont mean to sound like I wouldnt give my Chow the best there is because I love her so much but all these are quite expensive in my country, in Asia. And the Chlorella, too.
          Thank you!

    • We have a Black male chow 2 years old and he is lossing hair and itching and scrathing al the time. will you please be so kind to send me the dieet for chows.It is this time of year for him to lose hair but now his skin is irritating..

      Kind regards Maléne

    • SymbaSymba03-14-2015

      Thank you for sharing your story, my chow is driving me crazy with the same issues. I love my chow to death, I’ve taken her to several vets same results high bills, temporary relief, so at this point your recipes are greatly appreciated!!!!

    • IzzyIzzy01-24-2016

      Would love to have your recipes for chow food. The itching is really hard on Izzy she is only 8 weeks. Thanks from Izzy.

  2. gaythagaytha10-25-2012

    I had a couple of suggestions. The first is my groomers secret for getting the soap completely off those puppies. She mixes vinegar with dawn to use as a mild wash that is easily rinsed and good for the skin. I am sure you could mix it with your regular shampoo also. The next is I agree with diet and suggest adding chlorella algae to your dogs diet. It is a great detox. Good for alergins,skin coat teeth and digestion. There are many benefits to chlorella and there are a couple treats on the market. I use chlorellies and have noticed a marked improvement of the symptoms described.There is also glucosamin and chondroitin in chlorellies for hips and joints

    • SJSJ04-24-2015

      what is the ratio of Dawn to Vinegar please?

  3. nslpmatematica3nslpmatematica301-17-2013

    If you have the flea problem under control, and do not find any fleas on the dog or in the house then this kind of obsessive itching sounds more like a food allergy. A lot of dogs have an allergy to CORN and will often try to chew on their fur and skin to the point of causing bald spots. It is important to read the ingredients of the dog food you are using, especially if you don’t have the time to make your own dog food.

  4. MelissaMelissa05-03-2014

    Hi, I am seeking help with our lovely Maddy. She is a 5yr old cream color chow chow. She has had very bad skin issues. Her under skin is very pink, she had pustules on the bridge of her nose, and other spots. Most recently she has added to these symptoms with hot spots and loss of hair. We have taken her to the veterinarian and have been prescribed antibiotics and steroids. She is still on steroids every other day. Her nose has cleared but the hot spots are worse. We have also switched her food to one with no com or wheat. Has anyone had experience with these symptoms in their chow chow. Please help?

    • gaythagaytha05-07-2014

      http://Www.chlorellies.com there is wheat in product if it is allergy don’t try but these have been good for some skin issues and hot spots. So sorry. It’s hard to see our loved ones suffer

  5. KeeshKeesh11-25-2014

    I need help with my chow chow. He’s 2 yrs old now. I dont know what to do anymore, he’s constantly scratching his skin, he’s itching terribly to the point of biting his flesh til it sore and bleed. He doesnt have any flea or ticks and i bathe him twice a week. I dont know if it’s his food or what. Somebody help me! I can no longer stand seeing him suffer like that.

  6. Don HDon H12-21-2015

    My 12 year old chow mix had a very serious irritation that went on for about two months. Started with one hot spot which I took her to the vet for. But after that resolved, she started chewing all over her back side and tail. I think I fixed it.

    1. got her a fresh hair cut.
    2. gave her a good bath with a quality shampoo for itchy skin.
    3. bought a ZenCone. She wore this for one week.
    4. Gave her lots of rubbing and scratching to help her
    5. MOST IMPORTANT: during that week and picked out all the scabbing I could find… much of it was dried out and embedded in the undercoat.
    6. middle of the week I gave her a skin conditioner (with no water) and then rinsed it out.
    7. kept working at all the dried scabbing (yea – it’s gross).
    8. toward the end of the week… another bath.
    9. After 1 week I removed the cone and she has been fine since.

    Keeping an eye on her and making sure no junk is embedded in her undercoat… this is very problematic for chows.

  7. KeahnyKeahny07-04-2016

    I had problems with my Chow Chows skin for years. I washed him in every shampoo I could think of, changed his diets, bedding, and put him on medication, nothing ever worked, his dry, hot spot tail and back always came back. Recently it got so bad that I took him to a different vet and they diagnosed that he was allergic to flee bites. He never had flees on him but he all he needed was a bite and he would get hot spots and bald patches from it. SO, I put him on monthly flee tablets and he has never been better! It worked a treat and he hasn’t had any problems since. Anyway, I thought I would share incase someone else’s baby is going through the same thing!

    • MichelleMichelle05-28-2017

      Keahny, I also have the same problem. My chow bites her fur off her tail and back area.
      The vet said it was an allergy to flea saliva and that she didn’t have fleas. We treat her with flea treatments every month and I’ve never seen fleas on her and I check all the time. What tablets are you using? We use an liquid?
      Many thanks

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