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Mange Problem

Question and answer topic on mange problem, a skin problem caused by mites. The best way to cure it through a dip and conditioner process that will have your Chow Chow happy and their skin and coat healthy.

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My Puppy Eats His Stool

Question and answer topic on how puppies will eat their stool with tips on how to prevent it from happening. Also covers puppy training.

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Bringing In A Second Chow

Question and answer topic on introducing a second Chow Chow or dog to your family. Guidelines on the best options for bringing in a puppy or adult dog to live with your existing Chow Chow.

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Chow Chow Literature

Question and answer topic providing resources on Chow Chow literature to help own and care for your Chow Chow.

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Stray Chow…What Now?

Question and answer topic on how to adopt a stray Chow Chow and introduce it into your home and family. Taking proper steps to help break bad habits and socialize the Chow Chow while giving them plenty of love.

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